5 Tools That Will Help You Gain Customer Insight and Understand Competition In A Digital World

One of the most important concepts in digital marketing is tailoring the content to a very specific audience and avoid making broad assumptions, which may be irrelevant to the audience. Here is where extensive market research can make all the difference. In this digital age, there are a million ways to gain insight into potential customers and evaluating content for relevance; however, an abundance of tools will not necessarily lead to sufficient insight. Below are six of the most useful and efficient tools marketers can utilize to get a better understanding of the customers.

1- SEOptimer

SEOptimer is a website SEO checker, which reviews certain aspects of your website including page speed and Facebook activity to identify the areas of improvement for your website. Other features include PDF SEO audits and a clear, detailed, and tangible list of recommended and prioritized tasks, which will help your website reach its full potential.

2- Google Trends

Google Trends is perfect for knowing what product features your target audience in a specific location is drawn to. Using the category filter, you will be able to break down your particular industry into sub-categories and access data regarding popular search terms relevant to your industry.

Google Trend will also allow you to access and identify consumer demand and compare and contrast different brands to assess their popularity. This is especially useful to gain insight into what customers are searching about in regards to rival brands.

3- YouTube Analytics

If you have posted videos on YouTube as a marketing strategy, it is essential to know who watches them. YouTube Analytics enables its users to define their audience through identifying their demographics and therefore, their interests and demands. You will be provided with extensive data, including the retention rate of your videos, which is used to determine whether your content appeals to the viewers. This also enables you to find exactly which part of the video it is that the viewers are most engaged with.

4- Social Mention

Social Mention is a free social network monitoring tool, which provides its users with in-depth analysis of data, measuring the influence of the website in four key areas: sentiment, passion, strength, and reach. This tool also arranges the social media mentions of your brand, including hashtags and top keywords.

5- SEMrush

SEMrush is a content marketing platform, with a great focus on creativity. This tool gives its users a step-by-step guide to successful content marketing, which involves ways to plan, create, and optimize the content.

The right research and gaining extensive insight into customers and their demands and interests will guarantee growth and security for the business; however, the most complicated or expensive research tool is not always the most beneficial for your cause, which is why it is important to utilize the correct tools to conduct this research.

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