Analyzing behaviours on an app without Hotjar

Working at ScaleForce, I had the opportunity to be the head of marketing launching an app to help Brazilians with taxes and to solve bureaucracies.

Just after starting the campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc, we could see all the digital marketing and growth marketing strategies working well and achieving interesting metrics, however, we started to be a little bit curious about the user behavior.

Before launch it, we decided not to use HOTJAR or something like that because, usually, the websites start to be heavy and slow. Because of this “misconception”, we didn’t even talk about using it. However, just after launch the app we became so “needy of data” and looking for a solution I realized that HOTJAR would not support our application to offer the insights and reports that we were trying to have. 🙁

But… I found a solution, and that’s why this post is here 🙂 Maybe this tool can help you and, also, your team!

Hotjar doesn’t support mobile apps – but we have alternatives…

I found this one: Smartlook

(and this is not a paid post, but yes, I found a lot of relevant details at Quora, and I am bringing it here to save time! And yeees, I know that this is not the best thing to rank posts on Google, thanks to SEO but fine, this is not my goal here! 😊 )

Smartlook is a qualitative analytics tool for websites & mobile apps and games. On mobiles side Smartlook supports iOS, Android, and React Native apps. The tool records all app users, track events, and can be used to build conversion funnels.

For all those looking to analyze how their users use their app or a mobile game, and where to fix the UI, Smartlook is definitely worth a look.

Let’s dive into some of the features.

This would be an example how Smartlook records and track events while user navigates and uses the app.

Additionally, once there are some recordings, they can be further segmented with filters.

Anything from users’ locations or session durations to a UTM parameter or even rage clicks. Of course, segments can be saved so they’re always ready and available.

Plus, Smartlook allows users to to sync their user database or CRM so they can ID the app users. This allows developers to support the users better because they know who they are.

Furthermore, the developers can easily find recordings for a specific user when they write to support team about an issue on the app.

Smartlook also allows to track any event in the app. Automatically. From the first moment the SDK is added to the app.

With Smartlook app developers never lose events data, and they get the fullest and most accurate picture of how their app is actually being used.

Once the tool is tracking a bunch of events, those events can be turned into conversion funnels.

With Smartlook, there’s more than just a funnel — the tool provides a list of users who dropped off between steps in the defined funnel. And what’s more — Smartlook enables the user to watch recordings of those users who dropped off, meaning they’ll see exactly what they did right before they left the funnel.

This is how developers use Smartlook to find bugs, faulty buttons, bad UX, and lots of other things.

Smartlook’s mobile analytics are quite new, but it already has the ability to record Unity games without slowing anything down. Check out this interview with Madfinger Games about how they use Smartlook for their apps.

Here’s a .gif on how it actually looks from inside the tool:

Amazing isn’t it?

And yeah, Smartlook is light on processing — one screenshot is taken per second — and implementation takes less than five minutes. Plus, there is an ability to customize recording sizes and quality depending on the need.


  • 100% user recordings to have the most complete picture of the app users
  • Recordings segmented with as many filters as needed
  • Entire user journeys of each and every one of the app users
  • An API that will ID the app users
  • Complete event tracking — automatically
  • Funnels with recording playlists of churned users
  • Unity game recordings

Do you know another good tools to help us, lovely digital marketing workers? <3 Please share@

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